Who We Are

Our achievement-driven society has left many of our young people feeling isolated and without role models to inspire, encourage, develop them to service. Yet, to be truly successful young employees need to do more than execute tasks well, they need skills that have been taken for granted for too long.
With the right leadership and support, young people can learn how to manage themselves, cope with stress, work well with others, and maintain relationships that are nourishing instead of challenging. That’s what inspired the founder, Frances Lee, to establish CEO Global in 2005 and the vision has increasingly attracted many successful business leaders, educational institutions and mentors to our programs. As a result, universities and world-wide companies have invited us to influence their communities.
Over the last decade, a team of seasoned business professionals and exceptional educators have come together to create our core curriculum, The Way To Success, which delivers leadership development like many have never experienced before. With a focus on developing the whole person we submerge students in a comprehensive learning experience that results in more than equipping them for leadership, but rather a complete personal transformation.

This passion to see young people find their purpose and established on the road towards a successful future drives us to serve the upcoming generation, for that is where we will see a transformed global community.


To bring about positive transformation of the global community.


Developing servant leaders of integrity among leading university students and educators through accredited and extra curricular programs.


To produce dynamic leaders we develop the whole person by cultivating servanthood, integrity and facilitating personal transformation.



Adding value to others by serving with an attitude of unselfish concern.


Having a consistency of character that is demonstrated by the alignment of words and action.


Developing leaders who add value to their sphere of influence.