Consistently does the right thing and does it well.

Has a positive self-image and outlook on life and the world around them.
Socially Responsible

Inspired to make a positive contribution to their community.

Looks beyond themselves to the needs of others.

Equipped with soft skills to work and socialize well with others.
An increased ability to manage adversity and overcome life’s challenges.
Globally Minded
Has skills necessary to function well in cross-cultural environments.
Recognizes their ability and uses it to add value to others.



CEO Global partners with 26 of China’s top universities to offer The Way To Success as a semester credit course, with more universities requesting our program every year. Each weekly classroom session is structured around a particular TWTS theme and taught by experts in business leadership and education. Our instructors strive to create interactive and engaging learning environments that enable students to develop holistically.

Our highly effective mentorship program runs alongside the TWTS course and provides opportunities for students to be exposed to real-world leaders who model and reinforce the values and principles taught in the class. Mentors guide students in developing self-awareness and assist them in overcoming barriers in their personal development, by addressing issues such as self-esteem, life purpose and developing inner excellence.
As part of the TWTS course, every student is required to complete a service learning project. In addition to benefitting the community, students develop effective presentation skills, project management abilities and teamwork. The service learning project is designed to cultivate in our students a concern for the broader community and inspire innovation and creativity in how to address social issues. Through this effective model of learning we have seen many students find personal fulfillment and a sense of purpose in serving the needs of others, while also developing the qualities of a future community leader.
A select group of TWTS graduates are offered the opportunity to apply for our Advanced Leadership Training program (ALT). The ALT is open to motivated TWTS students who demonstrate initiative and display exemplary leadership potential. ALT students attend a series of extra-curricular workshops to further develop their skills and prepare them to assume leadership roles at CEO Global’s summer programs, Sunshine International Program and CJ Youth Camp. This provides an incredible opportunity for students to gain real-world leadership experience and internalize the concepts, values and principles taught throughout TWTS credit course.



Hong Kong and Taiwan offer The Way To Success (TWTS) as an extra-curricular Workshop and Mentorship Program. Topics and contents  of the workshops are selected from TWTS Credit Course and delivered over the course of 6-9 extra-curricular workshops.

The program has the following features:
icon    Students participate in engaging workshop-based lectures in an interactive learning environment.
icon    Students are mentored by role-models, successful leaders from various professions and senior business executives.
icon    Students engage actively in small-group discussions, one-on-one mentorship, and community service projects, to learn leadership  and to develop life skills for their long-term future.
TWTS Workshop and Mentorship programs are currently conducted at Hong Kong Polytechnic University, University of Hong Kong and National Taiwan University. The program has won strong recognition from participating universities and students.



In the USA, CEO Global facilitates student-led university campus organizations, hosts leadership and professional development  workshops and mentorship programs and coordinates with the CEO Global team in China to host internationals from all over the world at the Sunshine International Program and CJ Youth Camp.

The Way To Success (TWTS) Student Chapters

Our student-led campus organizations, called “The Way To Success Student Chapters”, form the core of our on-campus activities. Student Chapters collaborate with our staff team to host a series of professional and leadership development workshops based on CEO Global’s TWTS curriculum. Workshop actively involve students and emphasize topics such as EQ, cross-cultural communication, life purpose, and servant leadership. Workshop are free of charge and open to al students. Student Chapters also organize their own activities during the school year, such as career networking events and community service outreaches.

The Way To Success: Real Leadership Retreat (RLR)

At the end of each academic year, CEO Global hosts Real Leadership Retreat (RLR), a four-day series of workshops in a relaxed setting. RLR echoes the leadership themes, professional training, and interactive teaching methods of all TWTS programs, and is open to all university students. During RLR, volunteer “coaches” come alongside students to facilitate learning in small groups and provide one-on one mentorship.

Mentorship Program

To support TWTS’s holistic learning goals, CEO Global organizes mentorship program for students actively serving in chapters. Our mentors are local professionals of all ages who have a passion for supporting students’ development. Mentors attend workshops alongside students, guiding small group discussions and facilitating workshop acivities. Outside of workshops, mentor meet regularly with small groups of students. The mentorship program gives students a valuable source of personal support and practical professional experience to supplement their academic learning experiences.

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