TWTS Educational Leadership Program
A teacher’s character, professionalism, vision and passion for their work have a significant impact on the younger generation. However, research finds that Chinese teachers are at high-risk of suffering from emotional burnout and diminished personal accomplishment.
“The Way To Success” Educational Leadership Program (TWTS ELP) was launched in spring 2016. TWTS ELP aims to help principals and teachers of kindergarten, primary and secondary schools to develop “servant leadership” and professional skills. Through this training, we hope to guide the participants to reconstruct the meaning and purpose of education; develop their leadership skills and professional skills; and provide opportunities for them to test and prove what they have learned. This training is especially valuable for those in the remote rural areas of China where teacher resources and support are very limited.
The program includes the core curriculum of TWTS Program, a series of practical personal development courses. The TWTS Educational Leadership Program has been developed based on the core values of
  • Servanthood
  • Leadership
  • Integrity
especially in the context of the educational field. Course work to strengthen teacher professionalism is also provided.
Our program is designed to “train the trainers”; to enable them to pass on these values to more teachers and students; and to bless the students in the county and even their families.
Course Design
Based on study of the current relevant professional literature, and working with the specialists of different areas, wedeveloped our course content to include: educational leadership, classroom management, education through arts,and care for the special education-needs children, etc. We also invited certain experts with rich practical experienceto lecture in our courses. The course is designed to improve teacher self-image and to help them rebuild their desireand passion for helping their students to grow. Further, we desire to inspire teachers, and therefore students, to be positive influencers in all the different spheres of life.
We create an experiential and interactive learning experience in all our courses; we add hands-on experience, to better motivate and transform the mind and heart of the trainees. Therefore, we include well-designed group activities and artwork in the training sessions. We also integrate course content that strongly emphasizes our foundational value of “understanding others’ needs and serving others (your students)”. We emphasize this key message to the trainees.
Course 1:The Way to Success Educational Leadership
The Way To Success Educational Leadership introduces the trainees to the concepts of servanthood, integrity and soft skills leadership in both theory and practice in the school context. The course was structured thematically around topics such as self-understanding, positive values, servant leadership, EQ, and effective communication, etc.
Lecturer: Mr. Clement LAM
B.Soc.Sci., CUHK. Board Director of CEO Global. Education Foundation. Supervisor, CNEC Tai Tung Primary School. He was co-founder BoardLearning Technology Inc and acted as its executive director. Clement was a lecturer at HKUSPACE and had been invited to speak at many international conferences.
Course 2:Classroom Management
It introduces classroom management strategies in advanced regions of the world, and how to promote students’ academic performance and whole-person development through classroom management.
Lecturer: Dr. TANG Mei Sin
Doctor of Education, CUHK. Dr. Tang has over 40 years’ experiences in educational management. She was headmaster of a prestigious primary school in Hong Kong, and is consultant of Hong Kong government and many other professional and social associations.
Course 3:Education through Art
It introduces the development and trend of contemporary art education, and explains how art education can help build characters and 21st century skills of the students and integrate school curriculum.
Lecturer: Mr. LAM Yuk Fai
Mr Lam is a famous and influential artist and art education expert. Besides individual art creation, he takes immense effort to promote art education and community art in Hong Kong.
The following courses are under development
Course 4: Care for the Special-Education-Need Children
Course 5: Cooperative Learning
Course 6: Coaching Triplet in the School
Course 7: Parent Education
Pilot Program
We cooperate with the Education Bureau of Qinyuan County, Changzhi, Shanxi Province in conducting our pilot program of TWTS ELP throughout the year of 2016.
  • Time: Spring and Fall Semester, 2016
  • Location: Boai School, Qinyuan County, Changzhi, Shanxi Province
  • Participating school: 73
  • Scale of the training: 192 people (including 78 headmasters)
  • Participants: school officials, head teachers, officials of the Education Bureau of the county, etc.


TWTS ELP 2016 Phase 2
In the fall semester 2016, we will conduct three more training sessions.  One each in September, October and December, to the same group of trainees. The topics include:
  • Cooperative learning: An educational approach which aims to organize classroom activities into academic and social learning experiences. Participants must work in groups to complete tasks collectively toward academic goals. Unlike individual learning, which can be competitive in nature, participants cooperatively learning in groups can capitalize on one another’s resources and skills.
  • Coaching Triplets: Coaching Triplets is a way to build a collaborative relationship among teachers in observing each other’s classrooms and help each other to grow. It does not only promote teachers’ professional development, but also reforms the school culture. Our course will introduce this idea and provide opportunities for the trainees to experience and practice.
  • Parenting education: How to effectively work with parents and educate them in order to enhance the partnership between schools and families.
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum development: Instead of teaching the subjects independently (silo mentality), STEM emphasizes integration of the curriculum and problem-solving based learning. This course will introduce the ideas of STEM curriculum design and the methods of implementation.