Program Description

Sunshine International Program (SIP) operates as a 10 day intensive version of The Way To Success (TWTS), and is fully accredited by a number of partner institutions ranked within China’s top 100 universities. Each partner institution selectively invites a small group of high-achieving students to represent their school at the program. Also present at SIP are international students and volunteers, and CEO Global students completing their Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) practicum. SIP is conducted in English and builds upon the themes of the TWTS courses – life purpose, EQ, servant leadership, excellence and integrity – with an increased emphasis on relationship between participants, especially cross-culturally. These cross-cultural elements are designed to equip Chinese students for success in an increasingly globalized world while also giving international students and volunteers opportunity for cultural exchange.

Advanced Leadership Training (ALT)

ALT is an extra-curricular extension of our China based TWTS Credit Course, in which students continue to develop leadership skills through classroom sessions and on-site practicum. During the spring semester, ALT students participate in multiple training events, then assume leadership roles in CEO Global’s summer programs as practicum. During the summer, ALT students serve as small group coaches and program facilitators in Sunshine International Program and CJ Youth Camp. This practical experience not only solidfies students’ understanding of servant leadership but also exposes students to needs of the community and demonstrates the power of the individual in making a positive difference.

CJ Youth Camp

CJ Youth Camp is a week-long summer program for marginalized youth in China’s rural areas. Its curriculum echoes Sunshine International Program’s themes, emphasizing life skills, personal development, English language exposure, and mentorship opportunities. CJ Youth Camp also empowers Advanced Leadership Training (ALT) students and international volunteers to serve and mentor this under-resourced group, allowing [them] to practice the skills and values they have learned during Sunshine International Program and TWTS Credit Course. This TWTS practicum exposes university students both to the needs of the community and the power of each individual to create positive change.