Campus Talks are a two hour event offered regularly by our network of inspirational lecturers to thousands of students each year. These talks are open to all university students and give opportunity for those who are not participating in the TWTS university course to interact with seasoned leaders who share their time tested principles and first hand experience on how to truly be successful in life.


Campus Talks cover various topics on leadership, career planning, interpersonal skills, and core values. All lecture topics are specifically designed for college students to help them face their present challenges, make plans for the future, and be ready to enter the workplace.


Since the first campus talk was held at Tsinghua University in May 2005, 74 talks have been held at 51 major universities including Peking University, Fudan University, Renmin University of China and Northwestern Polytechnical University. Over 50 successful people have been invited from around the world to speak and have inspired a total audience of 32000 people.


—— 尼克·胡哲2011中国公益讲座

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