The China Soong Ching Ling Foundation is dedicated to successful youth development through creating and promoting international cultural and educational exchange programs. CEO Global International Education Foundation (Hong Kong) aims at bringing together global experts and professionals to promote character based leadership development in young people, along with various other cultural exchange opportunities.For several years these foundations have organized international camps for university students, employing well respected educational resources, and hosting volunteers from all over the world.  Sunshine International Camp is the premiere example.
The Sunshine International Camp is a ten-day non-profit event aimed at advancing character development and providing leadership training in college students. Its purpose is to provide university students the opportunity to experience cross-cultural exchange; cultivate positive individual self-understanding; and develop interpersonal and cross-cultural communication skills and cooperation.  Students attending Sunshine International Camp improve their ability to adapt and lead as they pursue success in the ever changing and increasingly globalized world.
Since 2005, each Sunshine International Camp has achieved great success. More than 5,400 college participants from both China and overseas have significantly profited from their training experiences.  Sunshine International Camp is now very popular at many universities and among college students.  These camps have been well and favorably received in all circles of society. 
This year the 
Sunshine International Camp 
will be held in the: 
Experiential Education Center
 Beijing, July 16 - 25, 2017.
The 2017 Sunshine International Camp is sponsored by: 
China Soong Ching Ling Foundation and CEO Global Education Foundation (Hong Kong)
And is cooperatively organized by: 
CEO Global International Culture & Consulting Co., Ltd
The Beijing Experiential Education Center 
Unique Features
  • A well-designed professional curriculum created by experienced educational specialists.
  • Highly qualified individuals from both education and business circles are invited as guest presenters.  These presenters come from well-known international companies and are highly placed in them.  Presenter’s lives are guided by strong personal and professional ethics and values. 
  • SIC helps students understand what today’s employers are looking for in an employee, encouraging and guiding them to discover their purpose and passions.
  • Camp counselors organize and lead the students through activities that develop leadership skills; team building exercises; and holistically based small group discussion.
  • SIC students are organized into small group team units.  Each team is guided by experience coaches, one English speaking and one who is bilingual (Chinese and English).  Each group has members from different countries, regions, cultures and school backgrounds.  More than 40 universities in China may be represented at SIC and international group members also come from well-respected universities around the world. 
  • Camp activities are designed to be fun. Teaching methods include: lectures, small group discussions, role playing, sport activities, film reviews, public speaking, self-reflection, and strategy and team games.
  • English is the official language spoken in the camp.
To improve camper’s self-confidence, their ability to successfully manage life’s difficulties, develop their sense of purpose and the skills that lead to success.  SIC is conducted in an international learning environment and employs holistic educational processes. 
SIC guest speakers are carefully selected and are people with broad success both in business and in life.
SIC Campers are top college students from different countries and regions.
  • To help college students to establish optimistic and positive attitudes.
  • To develop leaders that serve their world with integrity as truly successful persons.
  • To improve interpersonal communication skills; the ability to succeed in a team; and develop lasting friendships.
  • To provide leadership training for college students, strengthen leadership skills and equip students with the personal qualities that lead to success.
  • To help college students broaden their international vision; shaping them to be responsible members of society who live compassionately toward others; and make positive contributions to their families, businesses, countries and the world.
Time and Location
16th -25th, July, 2017
Beijing ZhengRongNianHua Militarized Experiential Education Center
(Address: 150 meters southeast to XueJiaZhuang Bridge, DaSunGeZhuang, ShunYi District, BeiJing)